Röck Chicks - Download Festival Easter Message


  From the dawn of time, baby chickens have led secret lives - shackled by their fluffy exteriors, the rage of Satan lies within, cursed to live out under the cooing adoration of those wretched humans.

A special Easter message to promote the upcoming Download Festival.

Launched in Easter weekend April 2015.

Director: George Wu
Client: Live Nation
Producer: Beccy McCray
Director of Photography: Jon Hurley
Art Director: George Wu
Art Dept Assistent: Nicky Francis


Technical Manager: Steve McInerney Technical Assistent: Kassi Koufaki
1st Assistent Director: Beccy McCray
Production Runner: Monica Ng
Chicks supplied by: 1st Choice Animals
Editor & Motion Graphics: James Alexander
Music & Sound Design: MassiveMusic London
Agency: Borkowski
Prodcution Company: Nexus Productions