50 Hands - A Household Orchestra

50 Hands is a book that allows participants to become part of a fully-fledged Orchestra. Regardless of musical ability, you will be able to play popular classics within just one hour.Inspired by Change Ringing
- Outside the church environment, Bell Ringers would memorise their musical sequences through the use
of Hand Bells.

Each page is cut to a pretuned length, which is torn out, rolled
and attached to a length of straw to transform the book into a series of whistles. Participants play together following a conductor, which is on the included DVD following corresponding symbols progressing through the levels until they can play completely unaided.

Developed for The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey exhibition at the Arnolfini, Bristol accompanied with a performance with the Cube Orchestra in January 2009. In Collaboration with Household/Sarah Gottlieb and Yuri Suzuki.



Arnolfini- Bristol
DesignMade - London
Chinese Arts Centre - Manchester

  DVD Conductor


  Making whistles


  Design Made Exhibtion
Korean Embassey London